Heat Stroke Awareness

Don’t Let Heatstroke Take the Fun Out of Summer Renee K. Fenty, DVM DACVECC Heatstroke is a warm weather hazard for dogs. Healthy dogs will typically have a body temperature between 100-102 degrees Fahrenheit. Body temperatures higher than 107 degrees, even for a short period, can be fatal. Factors associated with heat stroke: Pet associated: Age, obesity, heart and or respiratory disease. Breed:...
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Easter Safety Tips

Easter is just a few days away and many of us are looking forward to celebrating with friends and family.  Traditional items associated with Easter, such as floral arrangements and Easter baskets, can pose a serious threat to your pet's health.
The most common risks associated with this holiday are ingestion of the following items:
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Two Kitties Available for Adoption in Echo Park at Mohawk Alley Animal Hospital

During this happy holiday season, Dr. Michelle Zoryan and I have a lot to be thankful for. We have wonderful families, a good home and friends, and a beautiful new Echo Park veterinary hospital staffed with compassionate, caring individuals. We also have the ability to give back to the community and the beautiful animals that...
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