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About Us

Dr. Michelle Zoryan

Dr. Michelle Zoryan

Dr. Michelle Zoryan got her start in veterinary medicine at a young age, working for her neighbor at his local animal hospital. Throughout high school and college, Dr. Zoryan worked at various clinics throughout the Los Angeles area. Dr. Zoryan completed her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University in 2003. After graduation from veterinary school, Dr. Zoryan completed a rigorous internship at Animal Specialty Group in Los Angeles, followed by general practice for nine years at a thriving animal hospital in Glendale before joining Mohawk Alley Animal Hospital.

Now currently living in Silverlake, Dr. Zoryan spends her free time experimenting with new dishes and drinks to serve her friends and family, working out to burn off those excess calories and traveling to any place with sun, sand or a nice pool and hot tub - and of course hanging out with her scruffy and lovable terrier, Saba.

Dr. Diane Tang

Dr. Diane Tang

Dr. Tang got her first veterinary job in 2005, where she worked her way up from receptionist to technician. She then went on to attend the college of veterinary medicine at Western University. Upon graduation in 2011, Dr. Tang completed an internship at Animal Specialty Group in Glendale.

After completing her internship, Dr. Tang returned to the animal clinic in Glendale, this time as a general practice veterinarian. Dr. Tang spent several years as a general practitioner honing her small animal medical and surgical skills.

Dr. Tang lives in Atwater village and loves her local farmers markets, startup restaurants, watching sports, and finding dive bars. She spends her free time with her husband and daughter and their 4 furry family members –three dogs and a cat.

Dr. Kristin Renkei

Dr. Kristin Renkei - Medical Director

Dr. Kristin Renkei obtained her undergraduate degree from UC Davis working part time in research for the university and at a local small animal hospital (Davis Small Animal Hospital) as a receptionist and technician assistant. She moved to Scotland to complete her veterinary degree at the University of Glasgow. While in the UK she developed a taste for tea (mostly to keep her warm with all of the rain), played lacrosse and a bit of rugby, and managed to travel about Europe. She then returned to complete a one year small animal rotating internship at Animal Specialty Group in Glendale.

Kristin is glad to be back in Los Angeles, close to family with her dog Nara. She and Nara spend most of their time exploring various trails, trying not to get eaten by coyotes or bitten by rattlesnakes. She enjoys yoga, SUP, hiking, reading, shopping, and good food with friends. She loves her Mohawk Alley family and is grateful for the gift of helping her patients flourish through their lifetime.

Dr. Izari Chau

Dr. Izari Chau

Dr. Ruby Jong

Dr. Ruby Jong

Dr. TaMarra Woodling

Dr. TaMarra Woodling


Emily - Practice Manager

Do you have any pets? Jari (a sweet, goofy Pit Bull)

What's your favorite animal? Pit Bulls, of course!

What are some interesting facts about you? I'm an avid road cyclist! I love to ride, go camping, or just play cards with friends in my time off.


Thea - Assistant Practice Manager

Do you have any pets? Saki (a crazy Shiba Inu)

What's your favorite animal? Elephants

What are some interesting facts about you? I grew up in a suburb of Boston and managed a candy store for 5 years. I also have a degree in Biology - I considered going to medical school but decided a career with animals was more rewarding.


Kimberly – Registered Veterinary Technician / Dental & Safety Manager

Do you have any pets? Summer (a three-legged terrier mix), Harley (a guinea pig), and Mittens, Wally, Mang, Maxine, and Tom (all cats)

What's your favorite animal? Ones with character

What are some interesting facts about you? I started my career in 1995 as a kennel assistant. I then studied Animal Science at Thompson Direct along with an RVT course at Professional Veterinary Assistant School. Before attaining my veterinary education, I graduated with an Industrial Arts Diploma as well as an Auto Mechanics Program Degree.


Zahara - Reception Manager


Chezerae - Reception Manager

Do you have any pets? Ellie (a sweet rescue Staffordshire Terrier)

What's your favorite animal? Owls!

What are some interesting facts about you? I am super terrified of spiders or anything that crawls! I have 8 siblings, enjoy a good horror film, and love Rocky Road ice cream. I once went on a road trip where I visited 8 different states in 3 days!


Seamus - Hospital Cat

Do you have any pets? Do the employees of Mohawk Alley count?

What's your favorite animal? Fu (and also Calico cats....)

What are some interesting facts about you? I love naps, especially when I have someone to cuddle with. I can't resist chicken or canned tuna. Feathers are my favorite toys. I love to groom and take care of kittens. Did I mention I love naps?


Fu - Hospital Cat

Do you have any pets? So many! The humans in this hospital are the best pets a cat could ask for.

What's your favorite animal? People!

What are some interesting facts about you? I'm great at Magic Eye Images! I like to play catch. C.E.T. Dental treats are my favorite thing in the whole world. I love dancing and going on adventures in the lobby of the hospital, even if I'm not supposed to. You can see what I'm up to on Instagram - @thefulife