Pet Travel Consultations 

With ever-changing pet travel guidelines, we know that arranging travel for your furry family members can become quite a headache. Traveling with your pet should be an enjoyable experience, and we are here to help take the pain out of the planning process. We are now offering Pet Travel Consultations!  

If you have an upcoming trip scheduled, or if you are considering traveling internationally with your pet, we recommend booking a consultation with one of our Pet Travel Specialists. Your consultation will include:  

  • A thorough review of your pet’s medical records to determine what needs to be done for successful entry into your destination 
  • A review of specific destination guidelines, including specific timelines for necessary lab work, treatments, etc.  
  • A review of current airline protocols specific to your airline and destination 
  • Scheduling assistance to ensure all appointments are made according to appropriate travel timeline requirements
  • A comprehensive Travel Guideline document which details all requirements   
  • Give us a call at (213)201-7900 to schedule your consultation! 

Health Certificates

Traveling with your pet soon? Many of our doctors are accredited by the USDA to provide Health Certificates. Give us a call for more information!