Thank you for being part of the Mohawk Alley Animal Hospital family! We know that the past few months have been extremely stressful. Please know that we are working hard to provide the best medical care for your pets. When you contact the hospital, we kindly ask for:

Patience: Please understand that we will continue to adjust our curbside protocol to maximize the safety and efficiency of your visits. We also strive to complete the considerable amount of email, phone and fax requests that we receive daily as quickly as possible.

Compassion: Our staff has been working extremely hard as essential workers during these unprecedented times, putting the safety and health of their patients above their own.

Respect: We are working extremely hard to meet the needs of our beloved patients and clients, and ask for mutual respect during all interactions. We will not tolerate any abuse to our staff of any sort.

Your kindness and your time are greatly appreciated during these challenging times. We promise we will do everything that we can to provide ease and comfort during your pet’s visit with us. We all have the same goal – making sure your pets receive the absolute best care.

As an essential business, our clinic is still open, but with updated hours of operation (Monday through Friday from 7am to 7pm & Saturday & Sunday from 8am to 6pm). We are also using new protocols to maximize your safety, and the safety of our employees. Please see our latest COVID-19 Updates

Thank you

honor of meeting
Drs. Tang & Zoryan had the honor of meeting Jane Goodall in Tanzania. Dr. Goodall works closely with the leader of the Tanzania Project – Dr. Shriner (to Dr. Goodall’s left)
Dr. Tang and Dr. Zoryan
Getting ready to head out for a day of hard work!
The radiology room in Arusha Tanzania
The radiology room at St. Elizabeth’s – the main (human) hospital in Arusha, Tanzania.
vaccinating puppies
Dr. Onesmo Mondike, vaccinating puppies at his clinic in Arusha.
tanzanian puppies
Tanzanian puppies!
tanzanian goats
Tanzanian goats!
seeing appointments
Pediatrician Dr. Mark Powell seeing appointments in our clinics. Dr. Tang was his assistant for the day!
Dr. Tang's new friend
Dr. Tang made a friend!
Rescued: Potato & Slurpee
Rescued: Owen
Rescued: Frank
Rescued: Herb(orange), Cilantro (tabby & white), Lilac (black), Rosemary (white)
Rescued: John Candy
Rescued: Herb

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