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honor of meeting
Drs. Tang & Zoryan had the honor of meeting Jane Goodall in Tanzania. Dr. Goodall works closely with the leader of the Tanzania Project – Dr. Shriner (to Dr. Goodall’s left)
Dr. Tang and Dr. Zoryan
Getting ready to head out for a day of hard work!
The radiology room in Arusha Tanzania
The radiology room at St. Elizabeth’s – the main (human) hospital in Arusha, Tanzania.
vaccinating puppies
Dr. Onesmo Mondike, vaccinating puppies at his clinic in Arusha.
tanzanian puppies
Tanzanian puppies!
tanzanian goats
Tanzanian goats!
seeing appointments
Pediatrician Dr. Mark Powell seeing appointments in our clinics. Dr. Tang was his assistant for the day!
Dr. Tang's new friend
Dr. Tang made a friend!
Rescued: Potato & Slurpee
Rescued: Owen
Rescued: Frank
Rescued: Herb(orange), Cilantro (tabby & white), Lilac (black), Rosemary (white)
Rescued: John Candy
Rescued: Herb

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