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honor of meeting
Drs. Tang & Zoryan had the honor of meeting Jane Goodall in Tanzania. Dr. Goodall works closely with the leader of the Tanzania Project – Dr. Shriner (to Dr. Goodall’s left)
Dr. Tang and Dr. Zoryan
Getting ready to head out for a day of hard work!
The radiology room in Arusha Tanzania
The radiology room at St. Elizabeth’s – the main (human) hospital in Arusha, Tanzania.
vaccinating puppies
Dr. Onesmo Mondike, vaccinating puppies at his clinic in Arusha.
tanzanian puppies
Tanzanian puppies!
tanzanian goats
Tanzanian goats!
seeing appointments
Pediatrician Dr. Mark Powell seeing appointments in our clinics. Dr. Tang was his assistant for the day!
Dr. Tang's new friend
Dr. Tang made a friend!
Rescued: Potato & Slurpee
Rescued: Owen
Rescued: Frank
Rescued: Herb(orange), Cilantro (tabby & white), Lilac (black), Rosemary (white)
Rescued: John Candy
Rescued: Herb

Mohawk Alley Animal Foundation

Mohawk Alley Animal Foundation was created by Diane Tang, DVM and Michelle Zoryan, DVM to promote, represent and build philanthropic causes – both domestically and internationally.

When Mohawk Alley Animal Hospital opened in 2013, Drs. Tang and Zoryan proved their commitment to the community by creating within their hospital the “Kitty Rescue Room,” a store-front habitat for stray or abandoned cats to allow them to live in a safe environment while they waited for their forever homes. Since it’s inauguration, Mohawk Alley Animal Hospital has taken in, medically treated and adopted more than 100 cats to homes both within the community and beyond. While the hospital’s cat rescue project is a smashing success, Drs. Tang and Zoryan did not limit themselves to one species. Since their first day on the job, they have rescued, medically treated and adopted out numerous dogs – even finding a way to transport these furry friends to New York and Montana to get them to their forever homes! Once Drs. Tang and Zoryan realized how much of an impact they could make, they decided to change the scope of their vision; this is how Mohawk Alley Animal Foundation was born.

In addition to taking over the “Kitty Rescue Room” project, Mohawk Alley Animal Foundation seeks to work with multiple rescue organizations both domestically and abroad to create opportunity for positive change for our furry friends. Their biggest endeavor so far will be The Tanzania Project, created after Drs. Tang and Zoryan visited Arusha, Tanzania in 2016. After visiting with numerous veterinary colleagues, they realized that the stray dog population was astronomic and that rabies was still a killer in the streets. The need for action was real, and so in February 2018, Drs. Tang, Zoryan and a number of their colleagues will travel to Arusha to spay, neuter and rabies vaccinate as many dogs as they can get their hands on. Working with The Phil Simon Clinic, they hope to create a recurring event to decrease the stray dog population and help to eradicate rabies in the city and to promote a “one health” platform for the medical profession.

The potential to enrich the lives of multiple animals throughout the world is why Mohawk Alley Animal Foundation was created. The strength of this Foundation rests in the community that supports it, as well as the volunteers that commit themselves and their time to the cause. It has set its roots; now all it must do is grow and flourish.